Try Something New for 30 Days


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  1. Reblogged this on To Learn Twice Over and commented:
    This sounds like it could be a great extra credit assignment. For example, students could find a new English word each day for 30 days, find a new English song and post it to a blog for 30 days, eat a new American food for 30 days and take a picture of it, or anything else the students are interested in, as along as students get to practice English in one way or another.

    • Thank you, Eric. I think I’ll take your advice to make this an assignment for some of my students. I appreciate your input. If you haven’t already, you might want to check out other TED talks at to see other great videos that might serve as a springboard for conversation with more advanced students. Speaking of great videos as teaching tools, Mr. Bean is also great for students to watch and summarize. Another favorite is because it has subtitles, a button for slowing down the speech, and a way to record your own voice. In addition, if you click on the text, it shows you the meaning of the word. By the way, TED talks can also be used with subtitles in different languages.

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