The Indianapolis Immigrant Experience: Shaping Our City at the JCC

Five panelists shared their experiences of living in Indianapolis. While they found Indianapolis to be a welcoming place, they shared a concern about pending legislation that is similar to that which was passed in Arizona.

After the panelists spoke, audience members had an opportunity to share their thoughts on the following discussion questions:

1. Whether you are an immigrant yourself or your family has been in the United States for generations, in what way is your life shaped by the immigration experience in the United States and Indianapolis?

2. How would our city be different if there were no immigration to Indianapolis?

3. Do you think it is appropriate to see our community as a “melting pot?” Why or why not? Is a melting pot the ideal?

4. How do you see the immigrant experience affecting our community in the future?

Please send e-mail to for your responses to these questions and feel free to share stories of your experiences as an immigrant or interacting with immigrants in your city.


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